How should the new Chinese furniture be bought and bought?

The choice of furniture in the home dress is very important, the grade of the whole family clothes is good to see the choice of furniture, the aesthetic view of the young and the middle-aged is different, and the choice of the furniture is different. Like the new Chinese style furniture, the middle-aged consumers choose more. So what are the features of the new Chinese style furniture? What are the methods of selecting and buying furniture? Come on and see it!

Features of new Chinese furniture

1, the new Chinese furniture integrates elements of traditional Chinese style, and is also a popular trend now. It not only has the sense of the times but also maintains the traditional elements, has a strong Chinese cultural charm, but also conforms to the era of modern furniture flavor. The new Chinese furniture can well reflect the simple cultural characteristics of the Chinese nation.

How should the new Chinese furniture be bought and bought?

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2. The design of new Chinese furniture has the essence of furniture in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It will change and refine its classic elements and inject new breath, so that it will not be as rigid as traditional furniture, but not serious. The new Chinese furniture has its unique charm, which has changed the drawbacks of traditional furniture and has been accepted by more and more people.

3, the new Chinese furniture into the ergonomic design, not like the traditional furniture lines are too flat vertical, more humanized design, not like the traditional furniture looks so hard, new Chinese furniture will be more comfortable to use.

How should the new Chinese furniture be bought and bought?

Selection method of furniture

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1. Observation details, solid wood furniture is the first thing to see is the wood grain scar, look at the same position is not consistent between the positive and negative wood grain, whether there is a certain gloss. Whether the imposition furniture is made entirely without color difference, regular wood is often not pure solid wood. plate furniture to see the edge, bad sealing edge will release harmful substances.

2. Touch the surface of furniture. When you touch pure solid wood furniture, you can feel the clear and smooth grain. Leather sofa and imitation leather sofa feel different, leather imitation sofa leather cortex is more rough. There are also differences between cloth and linen sofa. The surface of panel furniture is smooth, and good hardware feels more texture.

How should the new Chinese furniture be bought and bought?

3. Knock to hear the echo, knock solid wood furniture when the echo is clear and uniform, composite board furniture echo is relatively dull, a bit hazy.

4, look at the weight, pure solid wood furniture will be heavier than ordinary furniture, good hardware quality looks better than ordinary.

How should the new Chinese furniture be bought and bought?

5, look at the material types of furniture products, the environmental index is high, the purchase can be provided to the merchant to provide the relevant proof, and to ask clear after service and other related issue

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