Ways to manage solder paste printing in PCBA processing?

Solder paste printing is incredibly significant for PCBA, which instantly has an effect on the overall welding impact of PCBA. During the system of PCBA processing, how you can do solder paste printing well is now a difficulty that creation managers will have to think about. The outcome of solder paste printing is composed of steel mesh, solder paste, printing approach and detection strategy www.smt-dip.com )Give you a selected assessment.

1?¡é Metal mesh

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The opening of metal mesh will have to be appropriately enlarged or decreased as outlined by the format of digital parts on PCBA board, in order to determine the amount of tin on the solder pad, so as to obtain the ideal solder effect and stay away from the phenomenon of continuous tin and deficiency of tin, which demands stringent analysis by procedure engineers. In addition, the material of metal mesh can also be far more crucial, which has an effect on the strain of steel mesh along with the support everyday living of recurring use.

Additionally, the cleaning and storage surroundings ahead of feeding is especially crucial. Before just about every on the internet procedure, it truly is essential to hold out strict cleaning, and look at whether the by using gap is blocked and tin slag exists. Some PCBA brands counsel buying the metal mesh tensiometer and conducting the stress check in the steel mesh before every single feeding.

2?¡é Solder paste

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The solder paste needs to choose the center and high-grade makes, these types of as Qianzhu, weiweituo, and many others., which includes lively ingredients this kind of as gold or silver. The solder paste have to be strictly stored in the refrigerator of 2 to ten degrees. The related figures ought to be produced for each storage and supply. The restoration of solder paste should be strictly managed within just the scope of IPC standard, and the solder paste mixing procedure should really be strictly applied before going on the web.

3?¡é Solder paste printing

At present, makers are employing automatic solder paste printing device, the devices can manage the printing drive and velocity parameters, and has sure computerized cleaning purpose. The operator only should set the parameters strictly according to the polices.

While in the method of mass production, it really is especially crucial that you detect the blocking and deflection of your steel mesh, especially when some defects detected by SPI soon after printing are going up, it is essential to halt the device to examine the operation with the steel mesh itself.

4?¡é SPI printing impact detection

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After the solder paste printing machine, it can be quite important to configure SPI solder paste detector. It can properly detect numerous defects these as deficiency of tin, continuous tin, gap, wire drawing, offset and the like. In order to optimize the overall welding ppm value.

Administration of solder paste printing result alone isn’t a mystery, it requires administrators to carefully employ every management means in PCBA processing approach. A closed-loop mechanism is made to detect and detect defects.

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