Winter is a good time for women to keep healthy, eat these 4 kinds of foods to keep you warm!

For female friends, winter is most in need of nourishment, because most women have the problem of cold and weakness. This is why women often get cold hands and feet in winter. Therefore, women in winter must eat some nutritious food and store Enough calories to withstand the winter, so what do women who are healthy in winter eat?


1. Red dates

Red dates can be eaten raw or used as an excipient. For example, using red dates to make tea can increase the effect of dispelling cold and nourishing blood, which is very helpful for improving women’s dark yellow face and dull skin. In addition to replenishing qi and blood, jujube also has a good warming and nourishing effect. For some friends who are afraid of the cold for a long time, you can usually eat more red dates.

2. Longan

Longan is what we call longan in the daily study and life of enterprises. It is one of the most suitable foods for Chinese women. It can help nourish blood and soothe the nerves, especially for students who have a very good tonic for the development of weakened women after childbirth. effect.

3.Black sesame

Black sesame is rich in amino acids, and under the action of vitamins, it can promote the normal metabolism of the human body. It has a good health care effect on preventing anemia and activating brain cells.

4. Honey

Honey not only brings energy to people, in addition, it also has a lot of trace elements, such as iron, calcium, tin, manganese and so on. Eat a cup of honey yogurt half an hour to an hour before going to bed every day to help sleep, honey supplements trace elements, vitamin supplements.

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